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Cre8ive is a fairly young company on the block when you consider our counterparts on the market, but what makes us different is that we can offer you all the products you need to run a business without having to go to multiple companies managing support and accounting with many different companies. We found this a problem when we were dealing with various companies as we were forming and consequently we have evolved at a steady pace, to ensure that we can always support what we have before we expand any more.

For this reason, we aim to be that one-stop-shop for most businesses wanting to master the beast what most call ‘Cloud Compute’

Over the last 10 years, Cre8ive has developed from that little idea of designing a website for a friend under the guise of Cre8ive Storm, to being asked to host the same website. Slowly over the early years, we developed a graphic design company and hosting company with a solid customer base. It wasn’t until 2016 before we started to grow, learning new skills and developing our role as a business provider. We became a ‘reseller’ of Microsoft Products with the help of a company in the UK, which aided to our growth in this increasing market, we soon became a Microsoft Partner and to this date, we excel in providing a Modern Workspace to any business who comes to us.

In 2019 Cre8ive Group Limited was formed to support our business and provide a single point of contact for all the products and services we offer making a true One Point of contact and making that one-stop-shop!

Today we see our brands re-developing to meet the post COVID world. We market ourselves as the Cloud Experts as we truly and assist your company to evolve in the cloud and make remote working work for you whilst increasing productivity and saving cash on unnecessary real estate! After all, #LetsGetCre8ive!

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We will help you deisgn your cloud needs and wants

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From design, we will develop your cloud into working reality

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We will help train your team with your latest innovations in the cloud

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Why Choose Us? 

Born in Bolton (North West), Cre8ive is one of the global pioneers in making online cloud technologies more accessible. Over time, the digital landscape has transformed and the way businesses use online technology has changed. Cre8ive has also evolved, mastering new skills, developing new products and ensuring that those still using the old platforms are looked after and supported.

Our customer-oriented approach has been a staple of the company over the years and we’ll continue to measure our success by the accomplishments of our clients.

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